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Who's Your Disney Mobster!
Question 1: Which era of Disney characters is the best?
 Old school Disney era- Mickey, Minnie, Pluto
 100 Acre woods era - Pooh, Pigley, Eeyore
 Modern Disney era - Stitch, Simba, Mulan
 Disney / Pixar era - Nemo, Buzz Lightyear, Flick
Question 2: Which of these mob movies is the best?
 The Godfather
 Mickey Blue Eyes
 The Untouchables
Question 3: If you could be a Disney character, what would you want to be?
 A talking animal
 A villan
 An object like a teapot or candle
Question 4: How many mob movies do you own?
 A few
 Not may but at least a full season of "The Sopranos"
 Too many to count!
Question 5: Which Disney character are you most like?